YMCA Seeing Record Highs, Not a Drop, 1 Month After New Years

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- According to the website statisticbrain.com, the #1 New Years Resolution in 2014 is lose weight. The database also says only 64 percent of people maintain their resolution past one month.

The Grand Island YMCA usually sees a rise in members at the start of January. In fact, they use promotions to get more people in the door.

But this year is bigger than they have ever seen.

"This January has been a record breaking January for us, in the past we've seen more around 300-350 new memberships in the month of January and we're well over 400 this year," said Shanie Bockmann, the Health & Wellness Coordinator for the YMCA.

And despite an average of 1/3 of resolutions ending by February 1, they have not seen a drop yet.

Bockmann said, "It's been very steady throughout the month of January and as we go into February, we're seeing very consistently high numbers."

Bockmann is even looking through applications to hire more staff to help with all the new members.

She said, "We see thousands come in the door because we have two separate locations, you have to keep in mind, and you have those people that work out bright and early in the morning and then you have people all the way here until a little after 8:00 at night. And that's just the classes, there's people working out on their own doing their own individual workouts all throughout the day and over lunch hours and things so, yeah, we see thousands."

Statisticbrain.com says more than half of resolutions fail by six months. The YMCA knows they will eventually see that decrease.

"We do tend to see a drop off when the weather starts to get nice because people do enjoy the outdoor things like cycling outside and running and things like that, of course sporting events and that, so there is a bit of a decline in the Summer months certainly," said Bockmann.

But until then, they are enjoying full classes and people of all ages coming out to get healthy.