Yezidi Community Rallies for Peace in Iraq

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LINCOLN, Ne -- Nearly 300 members of the Yezidi Community of Lincoln held a demonstration Saturday.

The purpose was to draw attention to the escalating violence and terrorist attacks from Islamic extremists against Yezidi of Iraq.

"Everyday people cannot go outside our city," said Haji Qasin. "Where they go to check their ID, if they're not Muslim they just kill them."

Lincoln is home to the largest Yezidi community in the United States, with around 200 families living in various parts. Many of them are refugees who fled from the town of Rabia, which borders Iraq and Syria. It's estimated that 900 families have left their own lands as a result of death.

Others have left out of fear for their lives.

"They forced over 5,000 families to leave their farms, their only source of living," said Hadi Ali. "And that's why we're here, we are here basically to tell everyone and the American government that we need help."

The Yezidi community says the Iraqi government needs to enforce the laws to protect minority groups. They say their people are being killed because of religious differences.

They want the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations to help. Laila Khoudeida says she's even written letters to Congress for help.