Update: All 3 Candidates Advance in Nebraska NRD Election

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York County, NE-- The Nebraska Canvassing Board has decided that three candidates for a natural resources district board seat will be on the November ballot.

The recount Wednesday was a formality for the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District's Subdistrict 4.

The margin between two of the top three finishers in the May 13 primary was close enough to trigger an automatic recount. But officials also say an oversight led to more than 1,000 voters in York County not receiving that race on their ballots. The election clerk sought to fix the problem by printing and distributing special ballots.

The state board decided this week to resolve the issue by ordering placement of all three names on the November ballot. Normally only the top two finishers would advance.

The Primary Election results show that Stan Boehr received 3,422 votes in the race. Eugene Ulmer received 2,870 votes, while Becky Roesler received 2,852 votes.

Secretary of State John Gale says of the 16 townships in York County, only three had the NRD race on their ballots; this includes absentee and early voting ballots.