York Supports Family of Plane Crash Victim

Chris Nelsen was a hard worker with a big family and thousands of friends. He was a salesman for Scott Hourigan, Co., a company in York that specializes in irrigation and agriculture supplies.

"He's one of those guys that lived and breathed his work," said John Kaliss, a very close friend. "He liked to have a good time, but he was always thinking about the next problem."

Nelsen lost his life on Friday when the plane he was on went down. It happened just outside of North Platte. Nelsen and three other men were flying from North Platte to York for business.

"He did a lot of flying," said Kaliss, "they had a lot of jobs spread out over a big area. That was how they were efficient with their time was to fly. He spend a lot of time in the air but that wasn't a concern."

Nelson had a big family that his wife described as a modern day Brady Bunch.

"Three boys and three girls," said Denise Nelsen, "and our families mesh together so well. If you would ask any one of them 'How many brothers and sisters do you have?,' they would all include everybody."

The two would have been married for fifteen years in November, but Denise knew Chris his whole life.

"There was like a 25 year span when we went our separate ways, and then we met up. The first time seeing each other after that, we knew that we would be together."

She said Nelsen didn't know a stranger. He was a friend to everyone.

"Where ever Chris was, it was a good time. He always made sure everybody around him was having a good time."

In a community of less than 10,000, she said Nelsen will be missed, and the support she's seen so far is unbelievable.