Young Men Promote Random Acts of Kindness Using Free Ice Cream

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Five young men are traveling thousands of miles across the U.S., performing random acts of kindness in the hope that it will resonate to others.

The group is known as ARK Project Now, and their journey dropped them off in Lincoln, Neb., handing out free ice cream to dozens of families.

"Who does that?" Alex Radelich, the group's founder, said.

"Even stopping in neighborhoods, we're like 'free ice cream!' And the kids are like 'free?' And we're like 'free.' And, then, it just kind of clicks that we're just trying to create smiles honestly and create an epidemic of kindness."

Their core belief - a random act of kindness has the potential to change the world.

They believe anything from feeding the homeless, to randomly smiling at someone, has the potential to change someone's day.

"It's awesome to just be the kindness for someone in their day," Jake Thatcher, a member of the group, said.

"And, who knows how far it can go?"

They spent Tuesday in Omaha, taking a family at the Children's Hospital on a shopping spree.

Sometimes, they admit, their acts get strange looks or catch people off guard. But, they're OK with it.

"We feel like we're on the tipping point," Radelich said, " and this trip is kinda going to help us get our name out there, and make people aware, that is really easy to do throughout your day; and, it means a lot to people."

KIND Healthy Snacks gave them $10,000 to help fund their trip across America, one that will end in Seattle, Wash.