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Lance's Journal

Updated: 01/29/2016 - KD Designs is the name of the business and it's the brainchild of a mother/daughter dynamic duo that just happened to accidentally fall into an entrepreneurial adventure that they will never forget.

Updated: 01/29/2016 - Every year, the Lincoln Community Playhouse offers up eight different plays & musicals. But very, very rarely do those shows have what this show does.

Updated: 01/29/2016 - Long-time KOLN-TV viewers will no doubt recognize the lady who is being featured in this edition of Lance's Journal.

Updated: 01/29/2016 - This week, art enthusiasts in Lincoln are celebrating the first "First Friday Artwalk" of the new year. It happens at the beginning of each month throughout the year.

Updated: 01/29/2016 - Everywhere you looked last month in the Capital City, people were reaching out and helping one another during the Christmas season. And one Lincoln church joined in on the giving as they asked their members to positively affect one thousand lives in December.

Updated: 01/29/2016 - Columbus is once again going above and beyond to honor one of their own. Duo-Lift Manufacturing in Columbus has put the finishing touches on an enormous metal re-creation of a very famous World War II landing craft.

Updated: 01/29/2016 - The staff at Holmes Lake Rehabilitation & Care Center is always doing whatever they can to boost morale and promote a positive spirit around their Capital City facility.

Updated: 01/29/2016 - Included in this 30-minute special is eleven stories from yesteryear.

Updated: 01/29/2016 - Coming up on Wednesday, Americans from coast to coast will unite as one to observe Veterans Day. In anticipation of our annual November ritual, we learn of a Grand Island man who found a unique way to show his gratitude to the troops.

Updated: 01/29/2016 - When residents at The Landing Retirement Community in Lincoln have something they need fixed, they call Ray Tiemeyer. He's more than willing to share his fix-it skills with anyone who needs help.