Mother Cautions Other Parents About Tide Pods & Young Kids

Click HERE to read the proper use and storage for Tide Pods from the Tide website.

It's a laundry detergent that young kids mistake for candy. Even worse, it's extremely toxic and easy to swallow.

One Crete mom knows first hand how scary it is after her almost two-year-old ate a Tide Pods. Now she wants to let other parents know so it doesn't happen to them.

At Complete Children's Health in Lincoln Lyla Brandt looks like any other bubbly 21-month-old.

But it was a much different story for this toddler on Tuesday night.

Her mother Jessica Brandt told 10/11, "She was wheezing, she had been vomiting, coughing, and that's when they decided they were going to fly her to Children's [Memorial Hospital in Omaha]."

It happened when Lyla got her hands on one of these a Tide Pods. Jessica had put them out of Lyla's reach on top of the counter, but the toddler found a stray one under the sink and ate it. After that Jessica called 911, then took Lyla to the Crete hospital and talked with poison control. In the emergency room in Crete, doctor's decided to fly her to Omaha because they had a children's ventilator. But Jessica couldn't ride in the helicopter and she said that began the longest drive of her life.

'The worst part about it all was not knowing on up in the air, when I left the hospital she was just starting to sleep, and normally she cares when someone else takes her. She didn't care that two random people were taking her into a helicopter."

Dr. Brad Brabec is Lyla's Pediatrician at Complete Children's Health in Lincoln. He told 10/11, "They don't know exactly what's in the product that may be precipitating that because when a child ingests granular product, Tide granular for example, there isn't near the side affects or complications with that type of ingestion compared to these little pods."

Unfortunately Dr. Brabec says this isn't uncommon.

"It's interesting because since Tide Pods came out, roughly four months ago, there's been reported ingestions of over 200 to 250 ingestions in the United States."

On the Tide Pods package it shows to keep away from children and says "may be harmful if swallowed." But Dr. Brabec says the bright colors of the pods make them appealing to kids.

Dr. Brabec said there's no effort to change the marketing or the colors, but the company is planning to release a safer, more child-proof container sometime this summer.

Now Jessica just wants to help other parents and hopes this doesn't happen to them.

"It's very serious, you don't think it will happen to you, but it can. I took what I thought was the complete precaution, but I missed something and I would suggest double checking everything and making sure you have it up, or locked."

Dr. Brabec also advises keeping anything toxic out of kids reach or locked up and keeping a close, watchful eye on your kids.

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