Bonney's Blog: I see London, I see France...

By: Bonney Bowman Email
By: Bonney Bowman Email

I've been remiss in my blogging duties lately. It's not that I've been busier, it's just that I haven't been able to find those little pockets of time I can normally squeeze in. Life always seems to speed up when I want it to slow down, something I think everyone can relate to.

One thing I haven't been missing is my workouts, and it's paying off. I was at work last week, wearing a pair of dress pants I bought this time last year, and they were literally falling off me. I realized at one point my underpants were visible, and as I'm not into the baggy pants/boxers hanging out look, I knew something had to change. So I went clothes shopping.... and I'm down 2 pants sizes!!! I haven't fit into my current size since I was in high school. I also haven't worn a dress to work EVER, and yesterday I rocked a green wrap dress with tights. TIGHTS!!! Also known as the enemy of chubby girls everywhere. When I tried all this stuff in the dressing room and it fit, I actually started to dance. In the dressing room, in the middle of the mall, full on dancing was happening. My normal clothes shopping story is: like an item, try the item on, it doesn't fit/looks terrible, leave dejected. But now, it's: like an item, try the item on, look awesome, leave happy. It's changing the way I see myself, and that's the most amazing thing of all.

I was surprised to fit into my new, smaller size because I haven't really lost that much weight, according to the scale. I'm not on track to hit my 25 pound loss goal, which is disappointing, but still, I know I've lost inches. I have noticed new muscles in places I didn't have muscles before, so instead of getting frustrated that I'm not losing weight, I'm getting excited because I am losing fat. But as I'm losing fat, I'm gaining muscle, hence the smaller loss on the scale. I think a lot of people get frustrated when the "weight" doesn't come off as fast as they'd like. But I think so long as you're seeing changes in your body for the better, you know you're making progress towards your getting healthy goals.

Halloween is tomorrow, and it's causing a major dilemma for me: be a grinch, don't hand out candy, but save my diet, OR say to heck with it, hand out candy, and eat half of it myself? I am definitely one of those people who says "one for you, two for me, three to that cute little goblin, four in my stash".... it's a problem. One year I actually told the kids I had run out of candy so I could keep some for myself. I've heard the suggestion "just buy candy you don't like!" but seriously, there is no candy I don't like. I am planning to head to Madonna for a workout tomorrow at 6:30, so I won't be home during the prime trick-or-treating time, but I would feel bad if kids stopped by later and I had nothing. Suggestions on how to handle this one would be very welcome, because I am at a loss on what to do. That being said, Happy Halloween! Hope it's less fraught with sugar stress than mine :)

A note for my friends and loved ones on the east coast: Stay safe and dry if you can! It's perfectly ok to raid your cabinets for that stashed bag of chips or cookies, because if you're without power, perishables are going to go bad pretty fast. If ever there's a time to abandon your diet, it's when you're under water, and comfort food is called that for a reason. Love you all!!

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