Callahan Takes Blame

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Also Tuesday, Bill Callahan held a news conference addressing questions about Steve Pederson's firing, how it could affect his future and how a new athletic director could change Callahan's future at UNL.

"Well ultimately I'm responsible," Callahan said.

One day after Steve Pederson was fired, Callahan took the blame.

"As a leader you are responsible when you have not shown the results you want to show. Do I feel bad about, terrible, disappointed? Gosh yeah, absolutely," he said.

But even with the front office shakeup, Callahan answered emphatically -- he's not going anywhere but there remains an air of uncertainty.

"I don't think there's any guarantees in this business. No matter where you're coaching or where you're at, especially when you're struggling. So, nothing's been said to me relative to dismissals or anything of that nature," Callahan said.

But with a dismal but Nebraska standards 26 and 18 record over four seasons, Callahan's Huskers have become what Pederson wanted to avoid: mediocre, leading to increased speculation.

"We're all human and the guys on the staff, they're human. And the guys on the staff they're human and they have families and children and they see things and you know it's not comfortable. I don't think if you're job was in a position that people were talking about you everyday. It's not a good feeling," he said.

A feeling Callahan admitted will be a distraction as his team prepares for this weekend's game, but not one that has made him question his own abilities.

"I still believe in my heart of hearts I'm doing an excellent job, a good job. I'm working extremely hard. No, it doesn't effect my confidence whatsoever," Callahan said.

Nebraska will see if Tom Osborne agrees as he now holds the power to do whatever he sees fit with the football program he helped build a foundation for.

The next five games on the Huskers schedule could be vital to the future of Callahan. It starts this weekend with Texas A&M coming to town. Callahan said he is confident in his ability to turn this thing around.

It should also be noted that he said despite the changing of the guard in the front office, he's stressing to his players it's business as usual this week.