Turner Gill Resigns

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"Today, I have come before you because I have chosen to resign from my position at the University of Nebraska," announces assistant coach Turner Gil.

With that Turner Gil walked away from a program where he was a star player, an assistant coach and the last familiar face.

"I have been called to take a leap of faith plan to pursue a career of being a head coach." says Gil.

"I think its certainly a loss for Nebraska but somebody's going to get an awful good football coach," says former coach Tom Osborne.

Turner Gil was the last link to the huskers of the past, his resignation completes the transition from the huskers of the old to the huskers of the new.

"Him staying was important to us as a staff to have that link, it's disappointing for all of us as a staff and department but more for the fans," says Nebraska Coach Bill Callahan

For Gil the disappointment lies in saying goodbye to the team.

"Leaving the players is definitely the hardest part, I would like for them to know I love them and believe in them," says Gil.

And as Gil steps down, many displayed their belief in him.

"He has all the attributes you look for in a head coach, he has my blessing and recommendation," says Callahan.