Lincoln Barber Shop Talking About the Huskers

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Open the door of the Captain's Chair barber shop and you'll walk into a red sea of opinions about the Huskers.

Barber shop owner Jerry Amen hears about the team often.

"Well, from just about everybody that comes through the door, they all talk about it," said Amen.

Customer Nick Elsner summed it up like this: "Well they don't look very good, I'd say they stink," said Elsner.

Gary Haun says most of his customers don't blame Coach Callahan for the team's record.

"I think Callahan's doing the best he can with what he's got. More of the customers are more angry with Nebraska Athletic Director Steve Pederson than they are with Callahan," said Haun.

Most agree, getting rid of the Callahan is not the answer.

"I think any talks about Coach Callahan is premature. You know he's got a program and sounds like the university is pretty committed and the fans need to stay committed too," said George Hoellen, a long-time Husker fan.

But if it were up the Jerry Amen, he would just as soon talk about something else.

"You can only talk about so much and there's just not that much more to say," said Amen.