Callahan Gesture

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AP-NE--Callahan Gesture CORRECTION

Nebraska coach Bill Callahan says today that he didn't make a throat-slashing gesture toward an official after Oklahoma scored a touchdown Saturday.

Callahan engaged in an animated discussion with referee Steve Usechek after Kejuan Jones scored a 17-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter. It appeared a holding penalty against Oklahoma went uncalled on the play.

Videotape showed Callahan raising his right arm, index finger extended, and making a motion from left to right across his throat.

The Big 12 Conference is reviewing the video.

Callahan initially did not know what a reporter was asking about when the topic came up on the Big 12 coaches' teleconference.

Callahan said, "What do you mean? What are you talking about?"

Upon hearing the question again, Callahan said he was frustrated and emotional but that there was no malicious intent toward anyone.