Big 12 Gets Nebraska Report

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Nebraska has sent the Big 12 Conference its report on coach Bill Callahan's apparent throat-slashing gesture.

Sports information director Keith Mann said Wednesday afternoon that athletic director Steve Pederson wouldn't comment on the report, if at all, until after the Big 12 responds.

Big 12 publicist Bob Burda says Commissioner Kevin Weiberg isn't expected to read the report until Thursday.

Callahan was captured on video making a slashing motion across his throat with his right hand, index finger extended, after a dispute with an official in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game against Oklahoma.

Such a gesture would be punishable by a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. No penalty was called.

Conference rules require Pederson to report any disciplinary action taken against Callahan. Weiberg could accept Pederson's report or take further disciplinary measures.