Alamo Bowl Post-Game Report

Fourth quarter heroics gave the Huskers a win in the Alamo Bowl. Nebraska took the early lead, with a 52 yard pass from Zac Taylor to Terrence Nunn. The first quarter ended in a 7-7 tie.

In the second quarter, Michigan took the lead 14 to 7, but Taylor hooked up with Nate Swift and tied the score 14 to 14.

The second half started with a Jordan Congdon field goal, that put the Huskers up 17 to 14. Later in the third quarter, Michigan scored and the third quarter ended 21 to 17.

Michigan quickly scored in the fourth quarter, putting more space between themselves and Nebraska. Running back Cory Ross helped close the gap, when he scored on a 31-yard run with only eight minutes left in the game, and then Taylor and Nunn teamed up again to put the Huskers ahead 32 to 28.