Hockey in Grand Island?

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The walls are up and work on the inside has begun. The Heartland Events Center is well on its way to completion. And the latest piece of good news for the center has to do with hockey. Businessman Roger Anderson is attempting to bring a junior hockey franchise to Grand Island.

"We're very confident it'll work out. And our goal would be to put a great product out there and really make it something the people of Grand Island would be proud of," says Anderson.

He says the only thing left to work out is a lease agreement with the Events Center.

Another group hoping to benefit from the new center is agriculture experts. The 20th Annual Agri-Expo has been going on at Fonner Park and agriculture experts say its been a slow show this year. But they say next year could be a big change if the show is held in the Events Center.

"Just the fact that you'll have the newness of the center, the curiosity to see what it's like, I think it's going to be bigger, larger exhibits will be able to be put in there," says Mike Egbert.

"Hopefully next year, with going into the new arena, getting farm equipment in there, maybe it will draw a bigger crowd," says Don Heimer.

While progress is being made on the Events Center, there's still a lot of work to do. It is set to be partly open by August and once completed, it will be the only one of its kind between Denver and Omaha.

"This will be just another way this area can host larger events and provide more services to the area," says CEO of Fonner Park and the Heartland Events Center Hugh Miner.

The Heartland Events Center, when completed, will host not only sporting events, but concerts, trade shows, conventions and other types of venues.