Ravenna Prepares for Bellevue West

It's a modern-day David versus Goliath. And in this day and age of Nebraska High School athletics, it's unheard of to see a C-2 school take on a Class A school.

This Saturday it's going to happen, as undefeated Ravenna travels 3 hours to Bellevue to take on the defending state champs from Bellevue West.

Even though the population of Ravenna is less than the population of Bellevue West High School, Ravenna Head Coach Paul Beranek says it's worth the risk, "We know we have our hands full, our guys respect them, but they don't fear them."

Senior Justin Kulwicki says, "I think it's a chance to put all the smaller teams back on the map from C-1 to D-2."

The 500 tickets that Bellevue West sent Ravenna were snatched up in just 2 days. The Girls team will also get a chance to test themselves against Bellevue West, they'll tip off at 5:30, while the Boys game will start at 7:15 Saturday.