Hard Working Huskers

The story of the 2008-2009 Nebraska basketball team is spreading nationwide. With mentions on recent national TV broadcasts and internet columns, the Huskers are getting more exposure than normal.

Credit the team's hard work and ability to over-achieve for the growing national attention.

"For someone to notice and to talk about your team being a team that plays hard," head coach Doc Sadler said, "is a good of a compliment that a coach could ever get."

Fans and analysts have been praising Sadler's coaching efforts. Nebraska's third-year head coach has built a reputation of getting maximum effort from his players. This season, in which the Huskers sit 4th place in the Big 12 despite an extremely small line-up, is no exception.

While Sadler's coaching philosophy revolves around hard work, he believes the approach is overly important in Nebraska.

"That's something I understood when I came to Nebraska is that one thing that separates this place from a lot of other ones is how they appreciate kids giving everything they got. Sure, everyone wants to win, but at the same time - if someone can come and support you and leave thinking 'That team gave everything they got,' this is a place that still appreciates that."

Sadler's contract at Nebraska runs through 2014. He was rewarded with an extension 10 months ago.