Boosters React

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Boosters have received plenty of attention since a Lincoln Journal-Star story one week ago quoted unnamed boosters as the sources for a story claiming Frank Solich would be forced out. One week later, Solich was indeed forced out.

Several members of the Extra Point Club were quick to back the decision by Athletic Director Steve Pederson.

"I thought Pederson conducted himself well", said Club member Lou Roper, commenting on the way the Sunday news conference was handled.

Boosters will be depended on to help raise the $49 million the University needs to renovate athletic facilities. The Extra Point Club hosted former Husker Tommy Frazier Monday, who made a pitch to get members to help out.

Frazier told them the decision to let Solich go shows the renovations are needed now more than ever.

"It shows the program is bigger than any one person", said Frazier.