Osborne Speaks Out

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"It was surprising to me because you don't find many guys that have won 76 percent of their games and won almost 60 games in six years getting fired," said Congressman Tom Osborne.

The former Husker coach felt bad for his old assistant coach of 19 years after his recent termination as head coach at Nebraska. Osborne felt the firing was an indication of how college athletics are today.

The Huskers are in the midst of a 9-3 season. They were even ranked in the top 10 for a period of time. However, they are coming off of a 7-7 season in 2002. Compounding the problem was the worst home loss in years to Kansas State less than a month ago.

"It does seem that intercollegiate athletics is getting more and more commercialized and there's more and more demand to win and that's a little disturbing," noted Osborne

The Congressman says he used to view athletics as an avenue to educate and develop young people, teaching them skills to get through life.

Osborne says one of the hallmarks of Nebraska athletics has always been stability, longevity and loyalty, and those ideals took a hit when Coach Solich was fired.

Congressman Osborne says he will not second guess Athletic Director Steve Pederson's decision to fire Frank Solich.