Pederson Praises Callahan

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Nebraska's new head coach Bill Callahan is the right person for the job.

So said athletic director Steve Pederson and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman in introducing Callahan in a Friday news conference in Lincoln.

Perlman says the search wanted a good coach and a good person, one who would promote the academic success of Nebraska.

He says he knows the search may have tried the patience of some of the Husker fans, but he thinks the wait was worth it.

Pederson says Callahan comes with high praise from others in the industry.

Callahan said his vision for the program is to continue the past success and build on it into the future. He says he cherishes the opportunity and will put into it all the energy he has.

Callahan said he planned to meet with the current staff of assistants on Monday. He says he has a great appreciation for coaches in general and he wants to give them the courtesy and dignity to the contributions they have made to the program.

He says he will implement something like the West Coast offense that appeals to many young players out there. He says it opens the doors to their professional futures.