Coaches Disheartened

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Nebraska's Quarterbacks Coach, Turner Gill, is disheartened. Despite being one of two staff members asked to stick around, his heart is with his co-workers.

"I'm very sad. It's a tough day for all of us," says Gill. "Probably the most difficult day in my coaching career right now, to see my friends being let go of their jobs. They've worked dearly for the program, and have worked very hard for the players."

Gill has until Tuesday morning to decide if he'll stay, becoming a wide receivers coach, or pursue another avenue.

Marvin Sanders, Defensive Backs Coach was let go.

"That's something I really don't understand. How do you keep your job? You think your work on the field is enough, sometimes it isn't," says Sanders. "I thought what our players did on the field, broke records for passes intercepted, led the nation in pass efficiency defense would be enough, but he (Callahan) has a plan, I wish him the best."

Barney Cotton was one of the first to come out of Monday's meeting. He says he has no hard feelings.

"The last 40 some days I pretty much prepared myself for this outcome. I've had my game face on, I was prepared for it to be this way," says Cotton.

Cotton, the Offensive Coordinator, isn't sure what's next for him. Sanders is looking at other offers. Gill will take Monday night to evaluate his situation and make a decision by Tuesday.