8th Grade Lineman Named All-American

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Some say Collin Brown is a gentle giant. He stand at six-foot-two and 280 pounds.

"Collin's size - we don't know," Collin's father, Jim Brown said. "We don't know where it came from. Kind of an anamolly I guess."

"I've kind of embraced it, but it does kind of feel like I stick out amongst a crowd," Collin said.

Collin does more than that on a football field. For the Blue Hill junior high team, he played offensive and defensive line. His efforts and size landed him a spot in the Eastbay All-American Bowl last weekend.

"I was kind of nervous, because - a small town kid like me - it was really surprising to get it," Collin said."

Eastbay chose Collin from a field of 4,000 applicants. He played left tackle for the East's offense, helping them to 137 rushing yards and a 24-nothing win.

"Oh, I'm not used to going up against people my size around here," Collin said. "I thought I a really good job down there, especially going up against people that are my size for once."

Coaches named Collin a team captain and gave him an award commemorating his "pancake" blocking. Next year, Collin will be 15 and suiting up as a high schooler here at Blue Hill - something coach Scott Porter is more than ready to see. Blue Hill splits that field with the junior high and the thought of utilizing Collin has crossed Porter's mind before.

"There was a couple of times I wanted to yell over for him to come and practice with us, but we'll have the opportunity to see what he's got this coming fall," Porter said.

Porter knows talent and sees lots of it in Collin.

"The Term I like to use is "diamond in the ruff" and he has potential to be a very good football player," Porter said. "You know, having this opportunity to play in the game can only benefit him that much more."