NU Football Makes Money

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The University of Nebraska Athletic Department finished the fiscal year with a surplus more than three times larger than the previous year.

The department ended the 2004 fiscal year on June 30 with $67,000 more in revenues than expenses. That follows 2003, which came in nearly $20,000 higher than expected.

The overall budget for the 2005 fiscal year is $56.7-million. that is 1.6% higher than last year.

Athletic Director Steve Pederson says there have not been dramatic changes to the budget, which was released Thursday.

Football was the only sport projected to make money in 2005, about $8.4-million.

Pederson says after Big 12 and NCAA revenues are added, men's basketball and volleyball come close to breaking even.

Pederson says the budget was approved July 5 by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman.