Alternative Jerseys Flying Off the Shelves

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Nebraska takes on Wisconsin to open Big Ten Conference football. The Husker's will don an alternative all red jersey for the big game.

Sales of the alternative jersey are going so well that many stores have sold out. At Husker Headquarters, they've broken into a second shipment. Fans just can't keep their hands of this unique item.

Long time Husker fan Dan Steinkruger picked up the special jersey for his son. The UNL graduate went on to attend Wisconsin for graduate school, but has always been a Nebraska fan.

"He wanted the Burkhead jersey for Saturday's game. He's coming to the game," Steinkruger said.

Husker Headquarters Marketing Director Blaine Braziel says it's good Steinkruger bought the jersey before Saturday, especially Burkhead's number. The 22 jersey is selling two to one compared to number 3 jersey.

"They've been flying out the door. We've sold them all out and we anticipate more being delivered," Braziel said.

That delivery arrived while 10/11 camera crews were in the store. Not one person who came into the shop could resist admiring the red and black uniform.

"The jersey's look great. I think we need a little more innovation down there at memorial stadium," Steinkruger said.

According to the designer, Adidas, the uniform should give Nebraska a competitive edge as it is lighter and allows for more motion.

It's the all red with the black "N" that excites the Husker fans. With the twelfth man suiting up alternative style, that excitement is sure to carry over into Saturday's game.

"I think we are going to beat up on the badgers and get started in the Big Ten," Steinkruger said.

Husker Headquarters staff are putting more alternative jerseys on the racks in anticipation for Saturday's rush.