How CBS Newspath Gets Ready for the Super Bowl

It's Super Bowl week generating lots of hype from both people and media.

What you see at home is polished coverage, but behind the scenes there's another crew hard at work.

Tom Fehring, Director of Technical Operations at CBS Newspath said, "For every CBS affiliate that wants to come to one of these events, they use our services."

CBS Newspath works with stations all across the country, including 10/11 making it possible to bring you live coverage of major events like the Super Bowl and the Presidential Inauguration.

But how does the coverage come from all the cords?

"We use a lot of existing fiber and we use a lot of common carrier fiber," Fehring said.

The high speed fiber gives CBS Newspath the ability to audio and video and live reports through cables run underground and in buildings to anywhere in the world.

"In many ways, technology has given us a lot more flexibility to cover multiple parts of events more completely, but it's a fairly complicated thing to put together, but once it's together, we have a lot more flexibility than we used to have and I think the viewer at home actually enjoys a more richer experience because you get to see, it's more of a you're there kind of thing," Fehring said.

So even if you can't be in New Orleans for the Super Bowl, there's a crew on the ground making sure you see the sights and sounds of Super Bowl week.