Decorated Seniors Lead Bison to Title

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A successful career in wrestling - like any sport - is a question of time.

"We all wrestled a lot when we were little," senior wrestler Jake Brown said. "Going to tournaments every weekend. Get finished at one tournament and run over to another tournament real quick and get another few matches in."

At the prep level, you can measure it titles, championships, or wins.

"It's something that I think a lot of wrestlers strive for and to be a part of that 100-win club is something special," Coach Darin Garfield said.

It's a difficult club to join for any wrestler, but you may not think so when looking at Central City. The class-c state champion Bison have four seniors in the club.

"Four years - most people are thinking, 'I want to be a state champ, I want to be a state champ', but yep, it's just another icing on the cake," senior wrestler Kolby Lenhart said. "It just shows how hard we work and how talented we are up here."

"To realize that you've won 100 matches throughout your high school career, it's just...unbelievable," senior wrestler Kyle Sutton said.

Jake Anderson, Jake Brown, Kolby Lenhart, and Kyle Sutton all reached the triple-digit win total in four seasons. What's more - they all won individual titles in Omaha this year.

"To see that progression. You know, sometimes the end result is what everybody looks at, but to me it's the progression," Garfield said. "To see where they were to where they end up."

Of course, the wins all took place in the span of four years. Years that saw the Bison switch classes in Nebraska twice and win three titles in five seasons.

"It feels good to build - I guess you could say somewhat of a dynasty here," Anderson said. "It just takes hard work. I mean, we all work our butts off here in practice."

Kolby Lenhart is confident this year's team effort will be remembered forever.

"Our pictures will be down in the display case - our figurines of our stance and everything - our names will be on the plaque forever," Lenhart said. "Just to be a part of history is just amazing."

As their chapter closes at Central City, Sutton wouldn't change a thing.

"I really couldn't ask for a better four years," Sutton said. "The people I've met and wrestled with is absolutely incredible. We're like a giant family up here and there's just a bond that nothing else compares to."