GISH Meets Kearney Friday After Their First Series Win In 10 Years

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Kearney High Head Football Coach Brandon Cool says, "Anytime Grand Island and Kearney play each other, it doesn't matter what your records are or what you've done the first four games. Both teams will come with high emotions, it will be a tremendous atmosphere for the game of football."

From the stands to the sidelines, every Grand Island and Kearney native awaits the yearly matchup between the two squads, and it never disappoints.

"We have had tremendous battles in the past," says Cool. "And I guarantee we'll have another one on Friday night."

Grand Island Senior High Head Football Coach Jeff Tomlin says, "It always makes for a good game, a good spirited matchup and we both make each other better, I think."

Senior Tight End/Linebacker for Grand Island Senior High Preston Fegley says, "We try to keep it a friendly rivalry all the time, but it's still a rivalry. We want to beat them and they want to beat us."

"Ever since we were freshmen, we just want to come out there and beat G.I.," says Isaac Brown, a junior Wide Receiver/Defensive Back for Kearney High. "It's something that we make our goal every year to come out and beat G.I. and it's a big deal to us."

Such a big deal, that the Kearney Bearcats have created a motto to inspire a win over Grand Island every year: W.O.G.I., which stands for.

"We Own G.I. It's something that's been around for a long time. Just the ten years we kept on beating them," says Brown.

W.O.G.I. had been a fact from 2002 to 2010, but because of the last meeting between these teams, the Islanders aren't buying into W.O.G.I. just yet.

Fegley says, "Well, we beat them last year, so this year we're going to see."

The Islanders have a chance to take charge of this rivalry with a win, but the Bearcats are determined to protect their motto.

Brown says, "We want to restore W.O.G.I. and I know they want to keep their little streak, so I think it'll be a great game."