Huskers Geared Up for First Road Test

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The Nebraska football team practiced for two hours on the Ed and Joyanne Gass practice fields on Wednesday in preparation for Saturday’s game against UCLA. Assistant Offensive Line Coach John Garrison spoke about the Bruins following practice.
“They’re big and they’re physical up front,” Garrison said. “They provide multiple fronts and they’ll bring in guys that will provide pass rush issues on third down. Those guys are physical, they play fast and they do a nice job not allowing you to get to the second level.”
Garrison added that it was nice for the younger players to finally get reps in Saturday’s game after a long fall camp.
“There’s nothing better to cure the lulls after camp and going into week one and actually getting some reps,” Garrison said. “When they came in, they did a nice job. I’m really proud of them. The first thing we showed when we watched the tape was when those twos went in there. They were able to come in and execute, so it was a nice job by those guys.”
Garrison also said that for the second straight week it’s been difficult to prepare for a team with so little background information.
“(This week) is better than the Southern Miss situation we were walking into,” Garrison said. “We do have an idea, but you never know. Things can change and ideally you think that scheme-wise everything will stay the same. We’re a different offense than Rice (UCLA’s previous opponent). You’re able to look at things like personnel, but you don’t have the complete picture always.”
Check back at for updates on the Nebraska football team as it prepares for Saturday evening's matchup at UCLA. The game will be nationally televised on Fox at 6:30 p.m. (Central).