Huskers Visit Fans in Lincoln Hospital

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Husker football players took time away from the field to give back to the community Tuesday night.

It's all part of their goal to raise awareness for Uplifting Athletes.

Mariyaha Freeman likely won't remember offensive lineman Jeremiah Sirls holding her as a five day old baby in the neo-natal ICU.

"I'm good, I am a little nervous, I'm always scared I'm going to break them," said Sirls.

Mariyaha's mom and family will never forget the visit from Sirls, CJ Zimmerer, Sean Fischer and cheerleaders Kara Brostrom and Jenn Powell at Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln.

"It was amazing, it made me cry, it's pretty cool that they do that," said Mariyaha's mom, Kassandra Stanley.

"These people they're in the hospital and they're not having the best of time, so obviously just seeing a smile on their face is a good feeling for us, and just being able to say 'We hope you get better and giving them bracelets, it's the least we can do for someone in that type of situation," said fullback CJ Zimmerer

The visit comes as part of the Huskers reaching out to the community through its Uplifting Athletes Chapter.

Zimmerer added, "We hope to start raising awareness with things like this and hopefully start raising some money soon that will go to research for pediatric brain cancer and Jack Hoffman and Team Jack is our inspiration, but we're trying to help the whole spectrum of kids."

Fans like Kassandra and her family appreciate it.

"Especially when you're a big Husker fan, and when your baby is only five days old, it's like 'Wow, it's a miracle,'" said Kassandra.