Huskies and Vikings Meet Again For A State Playoff Game

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A week six match up between Aurora and Grand Island Northwest that was assumed to be an easy win for Aurora, turned out to be anything but.

"We had six turnovers which isn't a good thing," said Aurora Head Coach Randy Huebert.

"Aurora was a little off their game and didn't take care of the football very good," said Northwest Head Coach Kevin Stein.

Aurora senior wide out Ben McQuiston said, "Snowball effect, just one thing led to another led to another."

Northwest senior wide receiver Alex Larsen said, "Defense just kind of stepped it up and shocked them."

Huebert admits, "Northwest just played good football."

Three weeks after Northwest's 54-0 victory, these teams will face off again in the first round of the Class B State Championship and each team says they've taken something away from that first match up.

"We learned that if we're playing good, we can beat anybody," said Larsen.

"I think it gave us an extreme amount of confidence," said Stein, "but you've got to be careful and not get overconfident."

"We've got to go a better job of taking care of the football," said Huebert, "that's pretty much a no brainer there."

Northwest senior quarterback Zach Rouzee said, "We know that we can play with them, and we can beat them up front and on the outside. We just know that we can take them."

"We just have to remember that we're playing for our lives right now too," said McQuiston, "so it's just not week six anymore, this is the playoffs and we'll be ready to play."

It will be the same teams on the same field as week six, but even though Northwest and Aurora have played each other already this season, neither team thinks is has the advantage,

"I'd say it's about even because they still have the District Championship," said Larsen, "so that gives them some momentum going in and they'll probably have some motivation from that 54-0 loss at home."

"It's been said it's hard to beat a great team twice," said McQuiston, "but we just know it's in ourselves to beat Northwest and no one else's for the taking."

Stein said, "Each time Northwest and Aurora go, it's a new slate, it's a clean slate. They're well coached, I hope that our kids are well coached and I do feel confident about it, but on the second hand, you got to be careful with that."