Kearney Little League Welcomed Back in a Big Way

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With back to back tournaments in Indianapolis and Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Kearney Little League had been away from home for 23 days, but as manager Brad Wegner said,

"23 days...who's counting?"

No matter where they were, the entire Cornhusker State was keeping up with their progress.

Kearney's Mayor, Stan Clouse said, "Just this last couple weeks, I've been in Lincoln and Norfolk and Columbus and York and everybody says, 'How's the team doing?' So it's not just Kearney, it was the whole state that was behind you."

When the time came for a homecoming, fans of all ages were ready to come out and support the first team to represent Nebraska in the Little League World Series.

Little League Baseball Board Member, Bruce Bonner said, "Once word got out, the e-mails and phone calls started and everyone wanted to contribute. It actually ended up being a fairly easy effort."

A team that impressed the entire Midwest ended up being impressed with the support of their hometown.

"All the people standing along the sides, that was amazing. Thanks to all of them," Wegner said. "They made these kids' day. They were all shouting and hollering at different people they were seeing. It was awesome, that's a great homecoming."

Wegner made history with this Little League team, but next year it will be someone else's turn to coach.
Wegner said, "It's time to hand it off to someone else. Todd Herges, his son is an eleven year old this year, so he'll have an opportunity to be on the team next year again and there's other great coaches coming up that will take them even farther if they get the opportunity."