Lavonte David Expected to be First Husker Taken in NFL Draft

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John Bishop- "When ESPN first started the draft I think it was Monday mornings," shouted KLIN Radio's John Bishop as the NFL draft subject came up on his "Jack and John in the Morning" talk show.

As traffic buzzed by the outside the studios he mentioned, the draft continues through Saturday. "Now the draft is in prime time. Jack and John in the Morning talked about it. Why not? It's a big deal for Husker fans to see who might slide into the first round. That might not happen this year in tonight's draft.

The first guy to go for the Huskers is probably Lavonte David. "Lavonte David no question is going to be the first guy to go. Some people have said he could go as early as the first round. The New England Patriots have shown interest, the Rams have shown interest. Those teams who have a number of second round picks like the Patriots are interested so he certainly could be an early second round pick," said Bishop.

The other sure pick is Jared Crick who is projected to go in the second or third round. Then there's Alfonzo Dennard. Will his challenging weekend hurt is his stock? "Some teams are gun shy about taking a guy who might have character issues. The arrest earlier this week might call that character into question but I think they will drill down and look at his numbers and ho his workouts went so some folks think he could go as high as the late second or third round but I'm guessing we'll see him to in the fourth round," said Bishop. Two more guys who will likely play for pay in the NFL as free agents are Marcel Jones and Brandon Kinnie.