Lopers Volleyball Team Not Satisfied With Number One Ranking

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The University of Nebraska at Kearney are off to a perfect start, but Head Coach Rick Squiers is not ready to have any kind of parade just yet.

Junior Right Side Hitter Katie Sokolowski said, "When we win a game, [Squiers will] say 'Celebrate this game, but in two days, we have another tough game', so it's a short lived celebration and then we come in with that same mentality that we're gonna work super hard and just prepare for the next team like it's any game."

Squiers said, "We've been fortunate to get off to a good start and we think we've got enough talent that if we play well, we've got a chance every night and so far things have gone our way."

One element that has been consistent this season so far is the zero in their loss column, which has earned the Lopers a one in their ranking column, but the Lopers say they are not satisfied with being at the top.

"Being ranked number one doesn't make us number one," said Sokolowski. "So we still have to come in work hard, dedication, work ethic, lifting hard. So, although it is a great honor, it's really just motivation to keep going.

"There will be a lot of changes at the top of the poll in the course of a season and we'll enjoy it while we're up there," said Squiers. "Hopefully we'll continue to get better and we'll be one of the teams that has a chance down the stretch."

And down the stretch, no matter where the Lopers are ranked, the focus will be solely on their first MIAA tournament in November.

"Top to bottom, it's a great league," said Squiers. "One of the best in the country and if we want to continue to be successful and be in conference races and things like that, we have to be prepared."
Sokolowski said, "The MIAA has some extremely good teams and so I think going down to regionals at the end of the year, I think it will help us a lot -- playing all those good teams before."