Miles Takes Selfie with Fan After Students Rush Court

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There was the win, the court storming, and then -- the "selfie."

"I just did it. I didn't think about it," Tom Chvala said. "It was an impulse."

Chvala was among the hundreds of Husker fans that rushed the court following Nebraska's win Monday night. His post-game celebration, though, was unlike any other.

"'I pointed at him and said 'Coach!' I had my phone out. He smiled and pointed," Chvala said.

Tim Miles noticed the sophomore UNL student ready to take a picture. Miles obliged, leaning in while Chvala lifted his arm high in the air for a self-taken picture near mid-court.

"It was like when you see a movie - the great looking actor and great looking actress slow motion running at each other on the beach," Miles joked.

Chvala wanted to capture the on-court mayhem with a quick photo. He intended to take a picture of himself at Pinnacle Bank Arena, but with Miles nearby he re-considered. As the head coach started to leave a TV interview, Chvala quickly snapped a photo with Miles at his side. The head coach smiled widely while hugging the 6-foot, 8-inch Chvala, an avid Nebraska basketball fan.

"I put my arm around him," Miles said. "Apparently I put both arms around him. I think what's funny - we took the picture, he says 'Thanks coach.' By the time that we had taken the picture, the cop had his hand on my belt.. he just pulled me... we were out the door!"

Chvala says he didn't look at the picture until he was off of the court. It was blurry, which didn't take away the satisfaction of his photographic achievement.

"I had no idea if that was going to be centered," Chvala said. "I had no idea if I would get both of our faces. I just grabbed him and he smiled."

Shortly after his moment with Miles, Chvala's "selfie" quickly spread across social media. It had thousands of views within a few hours and was even shared on several popular sports websites.

"(My phone) was buzzing, buzzing... texts and calls.. I put my phone away for awhile," Chvala said.

The picture took a total of two seconds, and for Chvala, it resulted in his 15 minutes of fame.

"I think the funny thing is - its blurry, but that's what it was like down there," Chvala said. "It wasn't a perfect picture, but it was a Kodak moment for sure."