Nebraska Danger High on Talent and Expectations for 2013

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The third year of the Nebraska Danger franchise is underway and the popularity of the team in Grand Island did not come overnight.

"When we were selling groups and sponsorships that first year, people didn't know what we were talking about so you've got to describe it. You've got to show them pictures," said General Manager Mike McCoy. "The second year was a little easier because they knew because they'd been to a game or they'd heard about a game, and so by the time the third year hits, they've met you, they know who you are, they've been to a game. They've had a chance to make a decision about what works best for them."

And what worked best for last year's Danger team, will hopefully work better this season.

"Having 14 players back from last year's team is huge. From year one to year two, we had two players back." said McCoy.

Danger players are happy with that consistency, they say it defines them as, "a more cohesive unit..." says quarterback Jameel Sewell, "...being able to play for each other. Being a ball player, you want to be able to go out and do anything for the guy standing next to you. It's not all about yourself. All of that will come down the line. If you play for somebody else, you do that and you do it 110%. You give it your all. And I think we've got the guys here, coming in this year, to do that."

But as far as what will be different about the 2013 Nebraska Danger, head coach Mike Davis thinks the team has improved in many ways, including...

"Talent level. Coaching staff," said Davis. "This will be the first time that our coaching staff has been together for more than one full season, and just our expectations."

"Ultimately, we would like to win a championship," said Sewell. "But our past seasons, we haven't even made a playoff bid. So, we want to try to focus on that, but that can only be done one game at a time. And it starts with each player and it starts with each coach. If all of us can get on the right path, same page, I think we should do very well."