Offseason is Full of Opportunity for Danger Players and Coaches

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Although the Nebraska Danger football season is out of session from July to January, one of the coaches remains a coach with the Hastings College Broncos.

"Hastings' Offensive Coordinator is our Offensive Coordinator; Dave," said General Manager Mike McCoy. "So, Coach Dave was coaching for us and then he and the head coach down there talked to Mike about helping them out."
Danger Head Coach Mike Davis said, "I went there for spring ball a couple times, kind of threw some ideas off of them and he asked me, after the third week of the season, if I could come help out with linebackers. So I did."
Along with being a coach for the Broncos and the Danger, Davis wears many hats all year round. One aspect of his job is to make sure his players are okay with the possibility of having a regular job in the offseason.

"When I recruit guys," said Davis, "one of the things that we talk about on the phone is do you want a job or can you live off of IFL wages?"

Nebraska Danger Quarterback Jameel Sewell said, "Obviously, we all know it's not the NFL, it's not the CFL, so you're not making those big big bucks."

"We get them in here, we find them a place to live, find them a job," said McCoy, "and then it's their job to work out as hard as they can to get bigger and faster and stronger for next season to do the best job that can be done."

But Coach Davis is looking at his players aspirations beyond next season.

"[I] ask them if they have a degree, 'what have you been doing?' [I'm] trying to help them build their resume because obviously you can't play football forever," said Davis. "So, if I can help them get in something that helps their resume so when they're done with football. That's what we try to do."

For some players, a nine to five off season job will be a change of pace - and the first on their resume.

"It's a reality check," said Sewell, who is a second year Danger player working at a local car dealership this offseason. "It's a wake up call. You can't play football all your life. I'm doing it because I'm somewhat young, I guess. I'm 25, but I've been playing football since I was five and that's really all I know. That's what I want to do, that's what I base my career off of, but I know you can't play football all your life. It can be taken away from you at the blink of an eye. It's tough out here in the real world, but it's okay, I can deal with it, i'm tough. I like a challenge, and this is definitely a challenge."