Osborne, Coordinators Address Pelini's Status

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Following Nebraska's 42-13 win over Arkansas State on Saturday, Nebraska athletic director Dr. Tom Osborne and Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck, as well as Nebraska defensive coordinator John Papuchis talked about the status of Nebraska football head coach Bo Pelini.

Osborne said, “As far as I know, all news on Bo (Pelini) is good. Precautionary tests. Word we've gotten back from the hospital is that he's doing fine. I guess you can never say anything absolutely conclusively, but it looks as though he's in good shape. I think that's what he'd want you guys to know. We expect him to be probably back at it pretty soon. The guys you really need to talk to are the coordinators, so I'll turn it over to those guys at this point. That's about all I can tell you right now. It was strictly precautionary and, so far, everything has been just fine."

Nebraska defensive coordinator John Papuchis and offensive coordinator Tim Beck both shared coaching responsibilities in Pelini's absence.

Papuchis was asked about when he knew something was wrong with Pelini. He said, "I knew early on in the second quarter...he was less vocal than he usually is." Papuchis and Beck let the team know at halftime on Pelini's status. They both reported that Coach Pelini did not talk to the team at halftime.

Papuchis went on to say, "He's (Pelini) one of the toughest people I know," while offensive coordinator Tim Beck was clearly emotional when Papuchis was talking about Pelini.

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