Pelini Meets the Media at Capital One Bowl

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Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini met the media at the Capital One Bowl for its upcoming matchup with the Georgia Bulldogs on January 1. It's a return trip for the Huskers to Orlando who met South Carolina last season. Here are Pelini's answers to the following questions.

On being selected for the Capital One Bowl:
We’re excited. I know I can speak for everyone and say that we’re excited to be coming back to Orlando. We’re coming to a first-class bowl game, great hospitality, great city of Orlando, and the opportunity to play a tremendous football team, one of the top five, top couple football teams in the United States, so we’re looking forward to the challenge, a great football game, and a great trip for our team and our fans.

On a return trip to the Capital One Bowl:
Having some familiarity with the surroundings, the hotel, everything. One thing I can say from my appearance last year is that the folks at the Capital One Bowl do such a great job. Theyre so organized. They made it easy on us. It’s first class all the way. We’re looking forward to it.

On the possible distractions of playing in Orlando:
I don’t think it’s a distraction. There’s time for work and then there’s time for play. Going to a bowl game is a reward, a reward for a lot of hard work that’s gone into it, a lot of sacrifice. I think we do a good job of balancing that.

On playing Georgia:
I know Coach Richt from my time in the SEC, watched him on film a lot. I have a lot of respect for their program. I know they’re a tremendous football team, very talented football team, and they’ll be a great challenge for us.

On rebounding from the Big Ten Championship Game loss:
It’s not the first time we’ve gotten hit in the mouth. Everybody who plays the sport of football, or plays athletics, goes through a tough time. The way you’re defined isn’t by what happens to you, but the way you react to it. Our guys are looking forward to the next opportunity to go out there and play. The opportunity to play against Georgia is great.

On stopping Georgia’s running game:
There not the first team weve played and they’re not going to be the last that has a good running football team. We’ve played enough of them this year, physical running backs, physical groups up front. We’ll be ready for it. We won 10 games for a reason. It’s not easy winning ten. We’ve got a tremendous challenge ahead of us to try to get 11.