Players Like Pelini's "Win-Out" Message

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Even though it's been over a week since Nebraska's 63-38 loss at Ohio State, it's still a statement that is being talked about.

"We need to win out," Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini said following the loss.

He didn't back down from his message nine days ago and he provided more behind why he said it.

"It's nice to be in a position where you control your own destiny and the only way to be in control of our own destiny is to win out," Pelini said.

The message from Pelini is one that the players are buying into.

"We expect to win the last six. We've played very average up to this point. I feel like we can get a lot more out of our players. I feel like we can run the table," sophomore running back Ameer Abdullah said.

It was last year's game against Northwestern when the Wildcats knocked the Huskers out of the Big Ten title hunt.

"We didn't need Bo to say it. We know we have to win out. We know we slipped up in Columbus. The only way to guarantee to get to Indianapolis is to win out. Obviously there's other ways to do it but if we just win the next six games we'll be in Indianapolis and that's where we ultimately want to be and bring this state a conference championship," senior wide receiver Tim Marlowe said.

Nebraska and Northwestern meet Saturday with kickoff just after 2:30 p.m. from Evanston, Illinois.