Presidential Support for Team Jack

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Jack Hoffman and his family have been trying to bring awareness to pediatric brain cancer, and Monday they took their message straight to the top.

Seven-year-old Jack met with President Barack Obama at the White House.

After meeting the President, Jack told 10/11, "It was awesome. He said how are you doing and I said good."

Jack brought a Nebraska football for the president to sign. Former Husker Rex Burkhead also made the trip to Washington, D.C.

Burkhead flew into DC Monday morning to join the Hoffmans and said, "The Hoffman's so graciously invited me out here to enjoy it with them and it was a very humbling experience."

Jack's father Andy added, "We're just so thankful, so incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to share a very small part of our goal, with the president, it was really a fantastic opportunity, it was really another great day for pediatric brain cancer, and we thanked him for that."

The Hoffmans said they want the topic of pediatric brain cancer on the national agenda.

Andy told 10/11 via a satellite interview "[It's] not just pediatric brain cancer, but all childhood cancer. These are horrific diseases that these kids have to fight and we think that national awareness in a big way will help increase funding, and then increase funding for research, will eventually equate to a cure."

Burkhead added, "They're just a great family and it's been great getting to know them the past couple of years, and to put pediatric brain cancer on the map, and I think the visit has helped that even further today to bring awareness out there."

President Barack Obama greets Jack Hoffman, 7, of Atkinson, Neb., in the Oval Office, April 29, 2013. Hoffman, who is battling pediatric brain cancer, gained national attention after he ran for a 69-yard touchdown during a Nebraska Cornhuskers spring football game. Hoffman holds a football that the President signed for him. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)