Team Jack Scores Memorable Touchdown in Spring Game

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A play, a moment, and a touchdown that Team Jack will never forget.

"I told him congratulations. I told him he looked good. I told him he needs to be the new running back here!" Rex Burkhead commented.

Jack Hoffman, the 7-year-old boy whose courageous battle with pediatric brain cancer has touched the lives and hearts of Husker Nation stepped into the Nebraska backfield Saturday and with a helping hand, galloped 69 yards scoring the final points of the game.

"I had to follow 31, he handed the ball off to me," Jack said.

"We wanted to get him around the edge, and give him a nice lane, and he did a great job," Husker CJ Zimmerer said.

"He went to the sideline, he reversed field, he stayed with his blockers, he finished the run, that was awesome!" Nebraska running backs coach Ron Brown commented.

Wearing number 22 just like Rex Burkhead, Jack did one of his biggest fans proud. He finished as the leading rusher in the game.

"Obviously, Jack is a young man that has touched the hearts of a lot of people. People have gotten behind him and he's become a big part of the team," head coach Bo Pelini said.

"Everything happened so fast. We went from just going to the spring game, maybe we'll get to see Rex, to getting the call from coach, it's pretty special," Andy Hoffman said.

"It's awesome. Jack is such a strong kid and to see him run around and enjoy the husker experience, it's a dream come true," Rex Burkhead said.

It's one play, one moment helping everyone remember the true message of the game, not that one team wins, but that spirit and inspiration live longer than any season record ever will, realizing that ones dream can become reality — and thanks to the Nebraska football team, Jack scored something big that will live in the hearts of all who attended the Red/White Spring Game on Saturday.