Tyler and Rick Ripperger Ready for Last Season Together at Hastings

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A 4-5 record in 2011 makes each Hastings High School senior want to work harder to finish above .500 in their final year. But for Senior Quarterback/Free Safety Tyler Ripperger, it's not only his last year on the team, it's the last year he'll be able to look to his father calling the plays on the sidelines.

Tyler said, "For the most part, he's the coach on the field and dad at home. The things that happen on the field, for the most part, don't have an affect at home. I'm still expected to to everything I am at home, with school and chores, and football doesn't come home."
It's been rewarding," said Rick Ripperger, Tyler's father and head coach for the Hastings Tigers. "I think some of the hardest parts have been trying to leave it on the field and not bringing it home as far as disappointments or things you want to see get a lot better."

Having your son on the team is no easy task, especially when he's your starting quarterback. That's when talk of favoritism starts to come up.

"It's one of those things when we knew I was going to coach him that I wanted to squash that idea as much as possible," said Rick. "So, when he was a young man starting to play football in seventh grade and even younger, he was told everyday that if you want to be the starting quarterback, you're going to have to be way better than everybody else."

"He does a good job of treating me just like any other player," said Tyler. "Except for maybe my expectations for working hard are a little bit higher and I expect more out of myself."

Tyler knows that the coaching he's received from his father won't end with football.

Tyler said, "He's always kind of been like a coach that I can go to and I think, after now when I get into college whatever sport I choose to play, I think he's still going to be the same way. He's going to be someone who encourages me and helps me get better in whatever I'm doing."