UNL Students React To Football Loss at Ohio State

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Students on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus express varying opinions on this year's Husker football season.

Students say the Husker defense needs a little help and Bo Pelini might be on the "hot seat."

"I think in the fourth quarter, we blow it every time, which is not too hot," said Haley Solberg, UNL Student.

"They just need to bring the defense around, that seems like the main issue," added Jill Olsen.

"We just don't have any speed on defense, out front seven are pretty slow," said Matt Beuscher, UNL Student.

When asked if it hurts to see the Husker football team lose, UNL Student Ghazal Mahjouri responded quickly. "Yes, it does. A lot. I had to stop watching the game after the third quarter."

Students are not at the point where they want to call for Husker Head Coach Bo Pelini's job yet, but some are close.

"In my opinion he is on the hot seat. If he doesn't get it together by the end of the year, you know," said Beuscher.

"I think if he loses a couple more games and we don't go to a good enough bowl game, that his job might be in jeopardy since this is his fifth season," said Karissa McDowell, UNL Student.

Patrick Sullivan was quick to respond to the question. "For now his job is secure. I think he's doing a pretty good job."

"I think it's not just him. I think he just takes a lot of heat," said Solberg.

"I would probably leave him alone. I think he's doing a fine job. They just need to bring the defense around," said Olsen.