Shawn Eichorst Introduced as UNL's New Athletic Director

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Shawn Eichorst took to the podium before a packed Van Brunt Visitors Center Tuesday morning on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to be introduced as Nebraska’s next athletic director.

UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman introduced Eichorst.

In introducing Eichorst, Perlman said, “Tom Osborne has defined Husker athletics for the past 40 years. I felt that the next athletic director should have both expertise and it should be someone who respects our traditions.”

Eichorst's opening statements included thank-you's to Tom Osborne, Husker Nation and his family. He spoke about his Midwestern values and growing up on a farm in Wisconsin.

When asked if he applied for the position, Eichorst said he didn’t apply, that he was sought out. He went on to say that Nebraska was “the pinnacle of college athletics.”

Eichorst mentioned that the University will compete for Big Ten Championships but they must be pursued with class and integrity and that the welfare of the student athletes must be the first priority.

Eichorst continued by saying, “I don’t come in with pre-conceived notions. I will try to treat people with great integrity and trust, always looking to ground things in what we do with young people.”

Eichorst will serve as a special assistant to the chancellor before taking the reins as athletic director effective January 1, 2013.

Eichorst resigned as Miami's athletic director Thursday. His starting salary at Nebraska will be $973,000 annually, believed to be a significant raise over his Miami deal. As a private school, the Hurricanes typically do not release contract information.

Osborne announced late last month that he will retire Jan. 1. He cited his age (75) as a main reason for retirement.

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