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How to measure your tree for the Champion Tree Program

The Champion & Heritage Tree Programs are administered by the Nebraska Forest Service. The purpose of each is to promote public awareness of Nebraska's forest and tree resources.

Promoting Soil Health with Cover Crops

Cover crop is a term applied to a number of plant species that farmers, ranchers and landowners may plant to help manage soil erosion and fertility, preserve moisture content, and control weeds and diseases.

Research Initiative to Improve Cover Crops

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is part of a $6.6 million research initiative to promote soil health through the development and adoption of new cover crops across the United States.

Holocaust Survivor Shares Her Story

Magda Brown stopped by Lincoln Southeast High School to share her story of survival with local students.

Man hurt trying to run from police

Police say a man with a warrant cut himself when jumping out of a window Tuesday morning.

KOLN Tuesday Morning Weather Update

Mostly cloudy with rain in the west.

Spring brings out food trucks

As the weather gets nicer various food trucks have begun to get back on the streets in Lincoln.



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