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Making Crispy Apple Chips

Hyvee Dietitian Karen Kuzma shows us how to make Crispy Apple Chips to put on top of a Fall Salad.

Meet Wyatt, Bernard and Felix from Capital Humane Society

Wyatt, Bernard and Felix are up for adoption at the Pieloch Pet Adoption Center. Their phone number is 441-4488.

Homes vandalized with offensive graffiti

Lincoln Police have received nearly a dozen reports of vandalism along the MoPac Trail between 33rd and 52nd Streets.

KOLN Thursday Afternoon Weather Update

Mostly sunny, breezy, hot and humid

A look back at sumemr backyard living

All summer long, we've focused on backyard living with the Nebraska Outdoor Living Center. In the last interview of summer with Bill Budler, Brad Anderson and Bill reflected on some of the topics that were of interest through the summer.

Visiting The Country Pumpkin

Just west of Sutton in Clay County, you'll find the Country Pumpkin. It's a place where you can buy more than 60 varieties of pumpkins and ornamental corn for fall displays.

KOLN Thursday Morning Weather Update

Mostly sunny, breezy, hot and humid.



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