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Shelby Fenster's Alaska Adventures with Holiday Vacations

Anchor Shelby Fenster traveled to Alaska with Holiday Vacations and 1011 News viewers. On First News Nebraska, she shared some of their adventures -- and even a special congratulations!

KOLN Thursday Morning Weather Update

Scattered showers and t'storms. A few storms could be severe.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone

June 29, 2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of Apple's iPhone.

Caught on Camera: Suspected purse snatcher ran over by victim

A North Carolina woman took matters into her own hands on Wednesday morning. She told local authorities she exited a Walmart and saw a man rummaging through her vehicle. She later drove after and crashed into the man in the parking lot. He was treated for minor injuries.

T-Bones vs. Saltdogs (6/28)

The Lincoln Saltdogs were defeated by the Kansas City T-Bones, 12-4, Wednesday night at Haymarket Park.

Bike share program coming to Lincoln

Lincoln has a lot of bike friendly trails and roadways, but not everyone has a bike. Now a new program called bike share will let anyone ride.

New poultry complex concerns

Costco's first company owned poultry complex has some people worried about contamination in the water supply.



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