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Will a robot take your job?

Kristie Lu Stout chats with "Rise of the Robots" author Martin Ford about how AI could replace many human jobs

KOLN Thursday Afternoon Weather Update

Partly sunny. Scattered thunderstorms.

Display Celebrates Pollinator Week in Nebraska

A display at the Nebraska State Capitol called "Monarchs on a Mission" hopes to teach Nebraskans how to save pollinators.

Nebraska Pollinator Week

Governor Pete Ricketts has proclaimed this week as Nebraska Pollinator Week. The designation aims to remind everyone about of the importance of pollinators in our state.

Brush Creek Brewing Company

The Pure Nebraska team recently traveled to the community of Atkinson in Holt County to learn about a relatively new business in that town. It's called the Brush Creek Brewing Company. Brad Anderson talked with Rodney Keim, who is one of the three business owners who operate Brush Creek Brewing Company. Rodney was born in Omaha, and went to school at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. In 1989, Rodney's father bought a ranch near Atkinson, and that's where many of his great memories come from. After school and working in law enforcement, Rodney took the manager position at the ranch, and he and his wife moved to the Brush Creek Ranch. That explains the name of the brewing company. The building that Brush Creek Brewing Company is in has quite a bit of history, and has been the site of many different businesses. Brad asked Rodney about the craft beer business in Nebraska, and Rodney says it's having a positive impact on small towns as people choose to start them on small town main streets. "The people that are in our generation, they like the craft beer, they like the nuance, all of the different flavors and profiles," Rodney said. "And so it creates a draw to the community that maybe the communities don't have." Rodney says people have come from 13 different states to visit Brush Creek Brewing Company. He says he started home brewing in 2009, and the doors opened on the brewing company in November of 2016.

COuld Abbott Sports Complex be leaving Lincoln?

Abbott Sports Complex is home to multiple camps, youth sports teams and even has home schooled students who use the facility. The future of the building though is up in the air.

KOLN Thursday Morning Weather Update

Mostly to partly sunny and not as hot. Scattered evening thunderstorms.



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