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Healthy "bracket snacks" for March Maddness

Hyvee Dietitian Karen Kuzma shares some healthy snack ideas for your March Madness parties.

S. 14 St. closed until January 2018

The City of Lincoln says at least 60,000 cars use the intersection daily. But a road closure will force drivers to take a new path.

Our Town ONeill: Wind Farm

In recent years, electricity generated by wind in Nebraska has more than doubled.

Our Town O'Neill: Shamrock Nursery

Shamrock Nursery in O'Neill recently completed a very unique project.

Eclipse reaction in Beatrice

Myanna Dellinger made the trek from South Dakota to Homestead National Monument of America near Beatrice to watch the eclipse. Hear her thoughts on the event, minutes after it happened.

KOLN Tuesday Night Forecast

Fall-like weather expected for the middle of the week...followed by an increase in rain chances Thursday night and continuing off-and-on into the upcoming weekend.

Woman gives birth to eclipse baby.

11 babies were born during the solar eclipse in Lincoln.



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