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KOLN Friday Morning Weather Update

Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Breezy and cooler.

On the Line - September 13

Kristine plays NFL trivia while "On the Line"

Foreman's Touchdown Catch

Royce Foreman had an incredible touchdown catch in Centennial's 41-point win at Fillmore Central

Wiseman earns National Honor

Doane's Cole Wiseman is the NAIA Defensive Player of the Week

HomeB.A.S.E. fundraiser for suicide prevention and mental health

The organization under the Mental Health Association of Nebraska raises funds for teen group prevention.

Possible tax funding for 48th Street project

The City Council is considering tax increment funding for a possible 48th Street redevelopment project.

A cyclist's death prompts safety meeting

The family of Randy Gibson who passed away on Saturday, cyclists, and other members of the city think safety needs to be a priority on the roads for everyone.



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